Letter to the editor:

There’s no need to fear Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s support for a “Medicare for All,” a single-payer health care system, does not frighten me and should not frighten you.

If Warren becomes our next president, nothing happens to our existing health care system until Congress passes legislation to change it.

What would it take to make that happen? First, there would be a comprehensive and, no doubt, prolonged national debate. That could go on for months, perhaps years.

Would that debate yield enough support to pass legislation? That would be very tough. Depending on the results of congressional elections, opposition by Republicans might be enough to kill such a change. If Democrats wind up holding enough seats in Congress to pass a law without any support from Republicans, there still remains the task of convincing enough conservative and moderate Democratic lawmakers to support the change. How likely is that?

So if, like me, you like Warren’s plans for putting America and its middle class on a path to strength and success, feel comfortable going all in for her. Don’t fear change to health care. Republican rhetoric about socialism is nothing more than propaganda meant to deceive and frighten. Don’t let fools fool you.