Wind picks up, temperatures drop in Las Vegas Valley

Thu, Oct 10, 2019 (11:51 a.m.)

Anyone with outdoor plans should expect brisk temperatures and gusty winds up to 40 mph starting at noon today and throughout the afternoon, according to the National Weather Service. Gusts are expected to last until 5 p.m.

“For anyone who wants to spend time boating, it will be pretty awful with some big waves, so be prepared for that,” meteorologist Chris Outler said. “Always wear a life jacket.”

Temperatures are also expected to be much lower than Wednesday, with the high peaking at around 68 degrees and the low dropping to around 47 degrees tonight.

Wednesday night, winds peaked at around 53 mph at McCarran International Airport, Outler said. While most of the strong winds have died down since then, the weather service will maintain a red flag warning for wildfire risks for the rest of the day.

Red flag warnings typically occur when low humidity is combined with strong winds, Outler said.

“This creates an environment for wildfires to grow rapidly,” he said.

Outler added that there is an abundance of dry fuels, which especially heighten the risk for wildfires.

During red flag warnings, the weather service advises against throwing cigarettes or matches out of moving vehicles, as they may ignite dry grass along the side of the road.

If you are allowed to burn in your area, the flame should never be left unattended, and all burn barrels must be covered with a weighted metal cover, with holes no larger than three-fourths of an inch, according to the weather service.

Winds should die down and temperatures should warm back up by Friday with highs peaking at 74 degrees, the weather service said.

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