Medical costs are obscene

The eye doctor recently suggested that I try a new glaucoma treatment drug. A single once-daily dose would replace the two meds I use (which cost about $30 a month). I took a sample and said I’d check out the pricing before switching.

Pharmacies want about $300 for a 2.5 ml supply of this stuff, and that’s a discounted price. That works out to $120,000 per liter. The 0.02%/0.005% active ingredients calculate out to $40 million a liter. Really.

My understanding is that this isn’t some new “wonder drug” — just a combination of a couple of existing generics, relabeled with a new name.

When will these people stop trying to gouge us? When we vote the friends of Big Pharma out of Congress and force lobbyists to pay huge fees that go toward funding drug coverage for all Americans.