Trump is a brazen crook

An impeachment inquiry is underway over President Donald Trump’s infamous phone call soliciting help from the Ukraine government to find dirt on Joe Biden. He has refused to cooperate with the investigation, which indicates consciousness of guilt.

Proof of a whistleblower’s claim was given by Trump himself when he released the transcript of the call. Trump admitted that he asked for help for his re-election. It is clearly against the law, but he thinks there is nothing wrong with it. He said he would do it again and asked for China’s help while standing on the White House lawn.

His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has been running what looks like a criminal conspiracy to get Ukraine to investigate Biden and validate a conspiracy theory about Ukraine being responsible for hacking the Democratic National Committee’s emails.

Patriotic professionals from the State Department have testified to the House Intelligence Committee. The ambassador to Ukraine was fired for pointing out activities that circumvented proper protocol. When John Bolton found out about Giuliani’s rogue activities, he blew the whistle to State Department lawyers. Bolton was then fired.

Trump has belittled the FBI, the intelligence community and the press corps. Republicans who criticize his withdrawal of military forces from Syria will draw his ire as well. What will it take for Republicans to put national security over the lust for power?