Letter to the editor:

Nation spirals on Trump’s watch

It’s a pity our country is saddled with a narcissistic puppet when ongoing debacles point toward outside influence and guidance.

Among the signs, President Donald Trump has:

• alienated foreign allies, siding with authoritarians and communists;

• urged a bromance between Ukraine’s president and the dictator who invaded Crimea and of late the Turkish fiasco;

• repeatedly claimed that journalists are enemies of the state;

• debased anyone opposing him;

• overseen a skyrocketing federal deficit while enriching his family’s coffers with taxpayer and foreign monies;

• met secretly with a murderous dictator;

• invited communists into the White House and divulged classified information to them.

To Vladimir Putin’s advantage, GOP hypocrites are essentially spitting on the Constitution and grinding our flag and honor into a quagmire of corruption to maintain a Senate majority.

Communism, authoritarianism and tyrannical governments are expanding worldwide. And it has infiltrated America, spreading acidic propaganda among vulnerable sheep.