Letter to the editor:

Congress can stop it now

Congress watches as President Donald Trump prefers Russian President Vladimir Putin’s lies over our trustworthy intelligence agencies. It turns its back as Trump deliberately rejects rights under the Constitution. It walks away from facts in the Mueller report, and hides its total contents. The Congress ignores Trump’s rejection of the Paris Accord, helping him kill the Earth. In fact, Congress takes orders from Trump.

Yes, Congress — members of Congress —has equal governmental powers along with the executive and judicial branches under ourConstitution. I asked in a recent letter; “Why doesn’t Congress do something? Its response was pathetic, “Wait until 2020” and let the voters do it.

We don’t have to wait. Congress has the power to stop Trump now — the present moment. Why don’t they see that?

They’re a part of Trump. They’re steeped in Trump. They’re loyal to Trump. They are as guilty as Trump.

Stop it! Stand up and stop Trump now.

Voters will do our part in 2020, but by then it will to be too late. His base will be voting for him, not the Congress.