Letter to the editor:

What kind of friend are you?

I talk to people with varying views from mine every day and occasionally even have a drink with them, but that doesn’t make us friends ­— just associates. And being associates is good, but to quote Isabel Norton, “In my friend, I find a second self.” And if I’m truly your friend but you also support David Duke (grand wizard of the KKK at one time) then are you really mine?

My intent with the Sept. 10 letter to the editor “Time to reveal the brutal truth” was to make you think about current events and your attitude about them. Telling yourself it’s strictly the “policies” you support from this president and not the “hateful things he supports” was exactly the point. In countries with authoritarians or dictators, their power comes from the military who support them with unwavering loyalty, which allows them to do horrible things.

In this country, President Donald Trump gets his power from his supporters, who too are unwavering in their support, which allows him to do horrible things. Your abdication of your morals is allowing the negatives going on today.

My point: If we are friends but you support Trump who empowers those who would harm me, how can we truly be friends? This is a question for you, and one you need to ask yourself soon. The blinders you’ve put up are allowing Trump to get worse, and soon it won’t be just your “friends” who are paying the price but you as well.