Letter to the editor:

Appreciate what HOAs do for us

I have never served on a board for a homeowners association, but have respect for the dedication, hard work and time that the members serving on the boards do for no pay.

I wonder where the writer of the March 27 letter “HOA payments are nonessential” thinks her dues are spent. In our complex, the front lawns, shrubs, trees, pool and gate, block walls, etc., are paid from the HOA dues. We also do not pay for water.

Our board worked tirelessly to secure a builders judgment that paid for painting and repairing needed roof tiles. I don’t see it as a slush fund that the board members use frivolously.

I enjoy how clean our complex looks and how appealing it is to live in. I also enjoy how well maintained Paseo Verde Parkway is. Look at the neighborhoods without HOAs and appreciate what you have.