GOP’s integrity is decomposing

“The fish stinks first at the head,” as the Turkish idiom goes. The Republican Party is rotting from the top down. Every day, the president tells multiple lies, and not one person in the party says a word. The silence is deafening. Corruption is spilling out of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office.

A Republican congressman acts in a disgusting, bullying manner toward a young Democratic congresswoman, and we do not hear the Republican leader rebuke his words. Instead, McCarthy lied by saying the congressman had offered an apology. He did not.

The rot has now seeped down into the body cavity of the party. Every member, from the lowliest congressman up to the Oval Office, has only one agenda: to demean and divide the American people with bullying, misogynistic comments or outright racism.

They are hoping that lifelong Republicans will stay with this garbage. This is not what you have voted for your entire lives. Your children and grandchildren are watching today, and they will be the women and men of tomorrow. What kind of world are you teaching them to live in?