Vegas Golden Podcast: Gearing up for a tough stretch at home

Wed, Feb 12, 2020 (8:40 p.m.)

Vegas Golden Podcast

5 crucial Golden Knights games

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Five straight games at home will likely define the Golden Knights' season. Vegas can solidify itself as a playoff contender and make a run for the Pacific Division title, or the Golden Knights can struggle and risk not making the postseason. We discuss.

The Golden Knights are in for the toughest homestand of the season, taking on five teams above them in standings in what could define the season.

If Vegas rolls through these games, we'll be talking about the Golden Knights as one of the top teams in the Pacific. But if they lose, they could be in serious trouble.

In the latest episode of Vegas Golden Podcast, Las Vegas Sun hockey writer Justin Emerson is joined by managing editor Ray Brewer to discuss the homestand, as well as Mark Stone's play as of late, how concerning Marc-Andre Fleury's performance is, and each side picking a Shining Knight for the next five games.

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