Letter to the editor:

Time to mark speed record

Donald Campbell broke the 200 mph water-speed record on Lake Mead on Nov. 16, 1955, in his Blue Bird Jet-powered boat — and survived. He was the first man to do that and live.

Campbell’s two runs were 239 mph and 193 mph for an average of 216 mph. After Lake Mead, he continued to raise the record to 276.33 mph, and on Jan. 4, 1967, he lost his life getting airborne at over 300 mph.

So I guess the question is: Has Nevada put up a plaque on the breach where history was made with the full cooperation of our military? Perhaps you could get the full-scale model Blue Bird used in the Anthony Hopkins movie about his last record attempt. Or make your own.

If something has not been done to celebrate this event, it’s still not too late.