Letter to the editor:

Next corrupt act is not far off

President Donald Trump had a good week by all accounts. He was acquitted by the Senate on two articles of impeachment from the House of Representatives for committing clearly impeachable offenses (abuse of power and obstruction of Congress). He had a Gallup poll approval rating of 49%, the closest he’s ever had to half of the populace approving of him. And the economy is humming, with jobs doing better than expected in January.

It was win, win, win for Trump, and his wake will overflow with braggadocio until he once again does something in poor taste, risks our national security or even does something outright illegal.

So do not worry, “Never Trumpers,” as this president has continuously shown that it will not be long before that happens, and it was not a far leap from being a corrupt businessman. Examples of his corruption include violating the Fair Housing Act, Trump University, being a corrupt politician. So soon enough, it is more than likely that we can pin the tail — or another impeachment — on this presidential Don-key.