Letter to the editor:

Rule of law has been damaged

The rule of law within the federal government is broken. The attorney general is “fixing” criminal law cases for the president.

William Barr has attempted to lessen sentences for both Roger Stone and Michael Flynn. He has interceded in cases before the Southern District of New York, presumably on behalf of Rudy Giuiliani. He has attempted to bring criminal charges against the former acting director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, without any legal grounds to do so.

Barr has attempted to investigate both Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election and Joe Biden, on behalf of President Donald Trump, again with no justification. In effect, justice has been corrupted and broken from the head down in the Department of Justice.

Is this what Trump’s supporters wanted? Is this the nation they envisioned under Trump? Tell me how this differs from any tin-horn dictator in a banana republic. And how do you propose we get our rule of law back? I know what I am going to do this November, if that right to an honest election is not lost before then. What are you going to do?