Letter to the editor:

Military action is a distraction

Over the past three years, President Donald Trump has skillfully demonstrated the ability to distract from one scandal by creating another newsworthy issue.

The biggest challenge to Trump’s presidency is impeachment. There is no better time to create news than now, but this distraction brings us to the brink of war.

Over the past three years, Trump has been known not to like briefings or to seek guidance from our intelligence agencies, or to take advice from his generals. After all, he has said that he knows more than all of the generals.

It is not known who gave Trump the information to make such a decision as to order the hit on Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The Pentagon was stunned by the decision, even though they offered the assassination as a possible option.

This brings us to the “wag the dog” theory. What better way to get the country to get behind the president than the threat of war?

Years ago, Trump predicted that because of President Barack Obama’s low poll standings at the time, he would start a war with Libya or Iran. It seems he has decided to test his theory about Obama himself.