Profit is Trump’s first priority

Beware of President Donald Trump’s offer to help certain cities with their homeless problem. I suspect the kind of help he will give will be to encourage the expansion of corrective labor camps that are modeled after Vladimir Putin’s prototype of privatized prisons called gulags.

The billions of dollars in tax breaks that Trump has given his crony multinational corporations didn’t trickle down to any cities in the United States. The loot went to off-shore investments and stock buybacks — not to the American worker.

Greed always wins the day for the corporations, while the poor and middle class get the blame for the resulting deficits that were caused by Trump’s policies that put many of the poor on the streets in the first place.

Trump has never made any secret of the fact that he puts profits over people. Profit is his god and his duped followers are making him a god. God help us.