Letter to the editor:

Voters deserve to see a fair trial

The impeachment of President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives was a disappointment because there were only two articles of impeachment.

Trump is guilty of even more abuses of his office and power, in particular collusion with Russia, as indicated in the Mueller report.

Trump has committed illegal and traitorous acts. Unfortunately, all the House inquiries were not enough to convince any Republicans to support the impeachment, so it will likely fail in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Most Republican legislators haven’t the moral backbone to oppose Trump or their own party. That will just encourage Trump and Republicans to further erode our democracy.

The Senate must allow more witnesses, such as former national security adviser John Bolton and acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney, at its trial. It also must provide more documents, or else it’s just a sham and shameful trial, a kangaroo court.

In addition, the American public must see Trump’s tax returns. I’m sure that would show just cause for his removal, and probably imprisonment.