Letter to the editor:

What exactly did we accomplish?

Have Republicans learned nothing about the Middle East? Now, Americans must deal with the consequences of President Donald Trump’s poorly thought-out decision to assassinate Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Where to start? We could start with 176 passengers who were shot down by Iran in response to Trump’s actions. Trump shares that responsibility. Or maybe the thousands of American troops who are battle-weary but must leave home for another deployment. Or how about the change in the popularity of the Iranian regime?

A month ago, Iranian leaders faced massive internal protests. Now, the country is unified by hatred of the United States, and Trump specifically. There’s nothing like an attack from your archenemy to unite a country. Iran and its proxies are not done. This is only the beginning.

Iran’s reach extends beyond its borders. Trump has unleashed unknown years of uncertainty for American citizens both here and abroad. The price to be paid will hardly be worth making a martyr of an Iranian who was replaced within 24 hours.

What was gained in this exchange of hostilities? A chance to show tough we are? Foreign relations are far more complicated than a show of bravado.