People need direct assistance

COVID-19 has ravaged our economy and country. As a nation, we are broken with no path out of the pandemic.

Unemployment claims are at record highs while coronavirus is setting new record highs as well. The virus is obviously not going away, so it seems ridiculous that the economic damages will fix themselves.

A one-time stimulus, which many have not yet received, has proven inadequate. The status quo will not work in such an unusual time.

Small businesses are being forced to close while CEOs stuff their pockets. People who were already having financial issues before have seen those problems amplified.

Our recovery as a nation will be long but action needs to be taken now. Other countries have taken quick and resourceful actions that saved both lives and their economies.

Implementing an emergency universal basic income would provide necessary help and insurance for the average American during the pandemic.

The Senate has the power to repair this country properly and bail out the people. I demand that Sens. Jacky Rosen and Catherine Cortez Masto take the bold step of putting recurring cash payments to all Americans into the next stimulus package.

Only recurring cash payments can work fast enough to save our lives and help us meet the basic needs of our families, so together we can fight our way back from this pandemic.