Be an adult and wear a face mask

Three months of my isolation ends, but another month starts.

To those who won’t wear a face mask because “I have rights and nobody can tell me what to do,” I say: How very fifth-grade of you. VegasStrong has become VegasSelfish.

The COVID-19 death toll reached almost 129,000 Monday afternoon. That means that about one in every 2,562 Americans have died from this disease. As the death toll rises, that ratio will shrink to 1 in 2,000, then 1 in 1,500, etc. Do you feel lucky? Of the approximately 1.3 million currently infected, many survivors will suffer lasting lung problems as well as kidney and heart problems.

Think you have a perky immune system? Good for you. Immune systems are suppressed by many common prescription drugs.

I contend that your “right” to splatter toxic mucus stops 12 feet away from me or mine. No mask? Then stay away; don’t walk by me and don’t crowd me in stores. Better yet, stay home and be free. Then, the rest of us mask-wearing folks can resume our lives as grown-ups.