Letter to the editor:

President just passes the buck

I am amazed at how often President Donald Trump, in the public arena, blames others as part of his explanation of whatever topic he has on his mind. Recently, the topic has been mostly the coronavirus pandemic.

If Trump gets any pushback from reporters, his manner quickly changes to an aggressive stand toward the person asking a question. This is not normal behavior for anyone in a public position, especially a president. Further, he has infected his media supporters, such as Victor Joecks, who in his March 20 column blamed China for the runaway coronavirus. It may have started there, but China is not responsible for the United States’ slow response.

It makes me wonder if the administration is trying to deflect attention from something else we haven’t been told about. Why does there always have to be someone to blame? Maybe it allows the person doing the blaming to become the victim and elicit some sympathy. After three years in office, I would like to see Trump spend less time searching for someone to blame and more time trying to find solutions to the growing number of problems quickly coming his way.

Americans are entitled to a real president, not one trying to play at the job on Twitter.