Just imagine life without the mail

Just think about the millions of postal workers who would be on unemployment with no benefits for them or their families if President Donald Trump were to succeed in closing the United States Postal Service.

Think about the post office buildings that would be vacated.

Think about having to read your magazines online or go to a store to buy them, because you’d be receiving no more mail.

I do not like reading magazines or books online. I love books that I can take to bed or to the patio to read. I never look at the online versions of magazines. I spend a lot of time on the computer as it is, and having to read National Geographic, Smithsonian, Family Tree and others online would cause great eyestrain, or I just would not read them at all.

Subscriptions would be down; some magazines would cease to exist and, again, that eliminates jobs.

Think about all the people who do not have computers or internet access. At least seven families on my street do not have a computer or internet access, either because they cannot afford it or because they are elderly and haven’t figured out how to work online. Yes, there are seniors who were never trained to use a computer.

Think about how your email inbox would be inundated with advertisements, magazines, contests, home remodeling proposals, campaign mailers, etc.

How stupid and inconsiderate would it be to get rid of this essential service?