Democrats are the real dictators

The May 17 editorial “An accommodating GOP, Trump are transforming America into a dictatorship” starts out with one of the longest run-on sentences in history listing every Democrat talking point created in the past three years.

The Sun is alarmed that President Donald Trump fires people in his administration that disagree with his policies and actively undermine what he is trying to accomplish. It condemns Trump, saying he “has long demanded the investigations and prosecutions of these people whom he perceives as enemies,” implying that it is inappropriate for Attorney General William Barr to investigate the likes of James Comey.

Should we not be curious when it appears that Obama officials embarked on a mission to destroy the Trump presidency?

And then the editorial highlights the dishonest trope about Trump referring to horrible people as “very good people.” He wasn’t referring to the racists at Charlottesville, Va., or the one or two Nazis in Michigan when the vast majority of people at these protests were neither.

This editorial’s entire premise was false. It’s not Trump with dictatorial tendencies. It was Barack Obama who unilaterally changed immigration law for the Dreamers. It’s the Democrat governors who like to arrest people for walking on the beach or trying to feed their family by opening up their small business. And it’s Gov. Steve Sisolak telling everyone what they can or cannot do without any legislative or judicial oversight.