Campaign wants court to declare Trump the winner in Nevada


Yasmina Chavez

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt speaks during a Trump campaign press conference outside the Clark County Election Center in North Las Vegas Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020.

Published Tue, Nov 17, 2020 (1:17 p.m.)

Updated Tue, Nov 17, 2020 (5:34 p.m.)

Citing unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud, President Donald Trump’s campaign wants the court to reverse the election results in Nevada and declare Trump the winner.

The campaign filed a lawsuit today in state court in Carson City to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

It’s the latest in a flurry of lawsuits filed here and in other battleground states the president lost as Trump refuses to concede.

The lawsuit alleges voting irregularities, including that a large number of voters cast ballots in Nevada and another state. It also claims a signature verification machine used in Clark County was not accurate.

The campaign says the evidence will cut Biden’s vote total by 40,000, enough to swing the election in Nevada to Trump. Biden won the state by 33,596 votes.

Trump’s Nevada campaign co-Chairman Adam Laxalt, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp and campaign lawyer Jessie Binnall announced the lawsuit at a news conference today.

No evidence was produced at the news conference or in the lawsuit to back up the allegations.

“We would love to heal and to unite. That cannot happen until the truth is revealed, until the facts are known,” Schlapp said.

Nevada Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, D-Las Vegas, said it was disappointing that Laxalt, a former Nevada attorney general, “continues to make a mockery of free and fair elections.”

“Voters made their voices heard in record numbers and we take the results of the election seriously and definitively,” Frierson said.

Clark County officials have not seen the complaint, but it sounds “like they are repeating allegations the courts have already rejected, misstating and misrepresenting evidence provided in those proceedings and parroting erroneous allegations made by partisans without first-hand knowledge of the facts,” county spokesman Dan Kulin said.

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