Vegas club favorite DJ Ikon stays on the beat



DJ Ikon is riding high from the success of the Roadhouse project.

Wed, Oct 14, 2020 (2 a.m.)

Sun on the Strip

DJ Ikon

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Brock speaks with Vegas nightclub DJ and music producer DJ Ikon.

DJ Ikon, aka Aaron White, has been a constant presence in the Las Vegas nightlife scene for a solid 15 years and he believes the industry was headed in a different direction right before COVID-19 closed down the clubs.

“You were seeing bottle sales were down at nightclubs and that younger generation coming up wasn’t spending money,” he says on the latest episode of the Sun on the Strip podcast. “We were already seeing a change where the industry was having to evolve to stay profitable. I think you were seeing a shift away from more isolated parties where it was straight hip-hop or straight EDM and back to a more open format, bring everybody together and have a good party kind of vibe.”

That’s the kind of vibe Ikon has been aiming for throughout his career. He’ll be back behind the decks at Tao for some Saturday night gigs coming up, and while he’s excited to play music again for people in Las Vegas looking for a good time, he’s most excited about his new musical project Roadhouse, a team-up with Dee Jay Silver. The duo released its debut album last month and saw single “Talking With Our Hands” hit No. 1 on iTunes recently.

“We’re already working on the next Roadhouse album and … we just want to keep the ball rolling,” Ikon says. “Thank God the first one has been received really well and that [success] is a really big deal because it has allowed us to collaborate with even bigger artists for the second EP. We have some new songs written and we’re just trying to lock down which artists will sing on those.”

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