Herd immunity is a long way off

We now know that impeached President Donald Trump and radiologist Scott Atlas, a Fox News regular and member of the pandemic response task force team, are pushing “herd immunity.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, believers in this idea say that 70% of the population would have to be infected with COVID-19 and survive in order for this strategy to work. Let me help the “stable genius” achieve these numbers.

Seventy percent would be about 224 million Americans. So far, about 8.1 million cases have been confirmed. Now, infect via injection the 63 million people who put Trump in the White House, then add the 109 million who were of voting age but did not vote in 2016, and you have 179 million — still 45 million short. But since Trump has said young people are “immune” to the virus, his people can inject 45 million children to reach his 224 million threshold.

So who will be the first Trump supporter in line for the injection? Who will sacrifice their child?