Nevada needs strict precautions

The challenge to contain the coronavirus changes daily. All the social distancing and health safety measures will not and cannot stop the spread of the virus when infected people mingle with people who are not infected.

Nevada is unique in its role as an enabler and facilitator in the spread of the coronavirus. We invite and receive visitors from around the world, including from within the United States — places like California, Arizona and Texas.

This is math 101. There are a number of infected people visiting Nevada. They engage with other visitors from different parts of the country. They all return to their homes in different states; some will be lucky and not have contracted the virus. Others will not be so lucky.

Some test results are taking longer and, in many states, coronavirus infection rates are increasing. This makes it more difficult to backtrack the whereabouts of an infected person.

What is Nevada’s role in this pandemic? Its hospitality industry has a product and a service strictly related to entertainment that is always in demand, no matter the conditions or the effects on the nation.

As long as there is a demand, Nevada is open for business. Knowing the coronavirus is unlike any virus we have encountered, state officials need to do more than rely on the goodness of people to follow protective health measures.