Where do we go from here?

Stand back and observe what one corrupt creature, in less than four years, has done to the most powerful nation on earth.

Using hate, he has beckoned the worst in our midst and created a following. He has twisted the truth, rendered lies and infected those leaders closest to him with vile contempt for constitutional laws and norms.

Through thoughtlessness and disregard, he has cursed good, decent people with a deadly plague. He has damned our allies and bowed to our enemies. He has taken a tight fist to minorities, woman’s rights, the LGBTQ community and those seeking asylum. He has put desperate children in cages. Our country is now broken, caskets full, stomachs empty and hope dissolving.

The map has been drawn and it is now our choice as to which path we will take. We can continue on this reckless path to certain hell, with President Donald Trump, or we can follow kindness, decency, intelligence and recovery, with former vice President Joe Biden.

Vote for the future of our country. Vote blue.