Let’s all root for schools

High-quality education is actually a team sport.

The student and parent are co-captains. They have an amazing team of players at their school, ready to offer their very best practices in terms of curriculum and other resources. Local non-profits generously join the team effort by providing food, school supplies and other essentials. And since virtual learning has become necessary, local municipalities have rescued working parents by opening recreation centers providing students a safe place to learn.  

The championship (in this case student achievement in education) depends entirely on the co-captains working together to keep their common goal the focus of their attention. They have an all-star team to support them, but success is totally dependent on their relationship and communication with each other. 

If it is cooperative, rather than confrontational, they can succeed.

It’s about establishing routines, rules of the game and expectations. Open communication, understanding each other’s points of views and lots of affirmation determine the final score.

Our entire community is rooting for you. Go, team!