Teachers find a way to thrive

Celebrate teachers with passion, compassion, knowledge, patience, a sense of humor and intellectual curiosity. They understand that the career they have chosen is one with a possibility of great rewards.

The dedicated teacher presents a lesson with passion, knowledge and maybe a little humor, encouraging students to think, evaluate and conclude on their own. The rewards come — some daily, some over time — when former students become judges, lawyers, doctors, business moguls, good parents, conscientious citizens and, yes, dedicated teachers.

Education has become more complicated, but dedicated teachers always find a way to meet the challenges put before them. They have already incorporated new elements into their teaching profile. The teacher’s role has changed and expanded. They have become keen observers of behavior to allow them to become psychologists, social workers and patient listeners. They are also cheerleaders, confidence builders, counselors and advisers.

Now, they must blaze a new trail, blending education with technology, forming the magic learning moments that stoke the fires of intellectual curiosity, without the benefit of human contact. It won’t be easy, but dedicated teachers are smart and resourceful problem solvers. They will find a way to educate students in this new era. Give teachers the encouragement, respect and support they need to meet this new challenge.

The writer is a retired teacher.