Trump fails first test of a leader

I assume the Sept. 10 letter “Reasons to support Trump” was written before the interview tapes President Donald Trump made with Bob Woodward were revealed.

The 10 reasons outlined in the letter were standard Republican talking points, the relevance and truthfulness of which are questionable. That said, if people take them at face value, so be it.

What I am most concerned about is how anyone can support a president who has abdicated his first and foremost responsibility to the people he serves — securing their well-being.

By ignoring the catastrophic nature of COVID-19, and not preparing the population for the ravages it has caused and continues to cause, in order to create an illusion of “all is well,” Trump is unfit to serve.

He is hiding behind the lie that he didn’t want to panic people. What did he think has been going on since he knew about this nine months ago? Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died, including my husband. Millions upon millions are unemployed and the economy is in shambles. I don’t understand how people can accept the alternate reality Trump is trying to spin. This is the most important reason, among many, not to reelect Trump.