President lacks honor, honesty

I’m retired from the military and I’m a combat veteran of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. I remember well my six personal friends who died there.

On those occasions when I’ve had the opportunity to visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., I’ve always made it a point to locate their names on the wall. When I and others like me returned home from the war, we were treated like criminals, ostracized, disparaged and, in some cases, even spat upon. We were called murderers, suckers and losers.

Now, a bone spurs-claiming, draft-dodging, dishonest coward leads this nation. He too thinks we were suckers and losers. He publicly called John McCain a loser in a TV interview, then denied he said it. He’s been quoted saying that only a sucker would go to Vietnam, but he has denied saying that, too.

This fraud of a commander in chief, this totally dishonest con artist and wannabe dictator who heads the most corrupt administration in United States history, wants America to believe he didn’t say it. You can believe this: He said it then and he still believes it now.

All the “suckers and losers” like myself who did go to Vietnam were then, and still are today, a thousand times more honorable and honest than that failed, flawed and disgraceful human being currently taking up space in the White House.