Here are the Sun’s endorsements for the 2020 general election

A vote for Biden and Harris puts the nation on a path to repairing four years of wreckage


Patrick Semansky / AP

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks before participating in a roundtable discussion with veterans, Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020, at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Fla.

The following is a basic list of Sun endorsements for contested races on the November ballot. We invite voters to refer to this list when filling out their mail-in ballots or to take it with them when they go to the polls for early voting or for balloting on Nov. 3.


D — Democrat

R — Republican

IA — Independent American Party

L — Libertarian

N/A — No party

(I) — Incumbent


President and vice president

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris — D

Don Blankenship/William Mohr — IA

Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen — L

Donald Trump/Mike Pence (I) – R

A vote for Biden and Harris puts the nation on a path to repairing four years of wreckage, chaos and dysfunction brought on by the Trump administration and his supporters. The Sun will publish an expanded endorsement of Biden and Harris on Oct. 4.


Note: Here is the expanded version of the Sun's endorsements for the congressional races.

Congressional District 1

Kamau Bakari — IA

Joyce Bentley — R

Robert Van Strawder Jr. — L

Dina Titus (I) — D

Titus has established herself as a staunch and effective protector of Nevadans’ interests, and further distinguished herself during her current term as a watchdog against Trump’s corruption.

Congressional District 3

Ed S. Bridges II — IA

Steve Brown — L

Susie Lee (I) — D

Dan “Big Dan” Rodimer — R

Lee, who was elected to Congress in 2018, brought a bipartisan approach to her work on Capitol Hill. After four years of venom and partisanship in Washington, Lee is the kind of across-the-aisle healer we need going forward, while her main opponent promises nothing but more Trump-inspired anger and incompetence.

Congressional District 4

Jonathan Royce Esteban — L

Steven Horsford (I) — D

Jim Marchant — R

Barry Rubinson — IA

Horsford stands out in this race for his years of experience in Congress and the Nevada Legislature, as well as his moderate and measured political sensibilities.


Note: Here is the expanded version of the Sun's endorsements for state legislative races.

State Senate

District 4

Esper M. Hickman — R

Dina Neal (I) — D

Senate District 5

Carrie Ann Buck — R

Tim Hagan — L

Kristee Watson — D

Senate District 6

April Becker — R

Nicole Cannizzaro (I) — D

Senate District 11

Joshua Dowden — R

Dallas Harris (I) — D

Senate District 18

Liz Becker — D

Scott T. Hammond (I) — R

Senate District 19

Pete Goicoechea (I) — R

Tiffany “Gholson” Seeback — IA

Assembly District 2

Heidi Kasama — R

Radhika “RPK” Kunnel — D

Garrett LeDuff — N/A

Assembly District 4

Richard McArthur — R

Connie Munk (I) — D

Assembly District 5

Brittney Miller (I) — D

Mack Miller — R

Assembly District 6

Katie Duncan — R

Shondra Summers-Armstrong — D

**The Sun is endorsing both candidates

Assembly District 7

Cameron “C.H.” Miller — D

Anthony “Tony” Palmer — R

Assembly District 8

Edward “Eddie” Facey — R

Jason Frierson (I) — D

Assembly District 9

Barbara Altman — R

Steve Yeager (I) — D

Assembly District 10

Jonathan Friedrich — IA

Chris Hisgen — R

Rochelle Nguyen (I) — D

Assembly District 11

Beatrice A. Duran (I) — D

Eric Krattiger — R

Assembly District 12

John Cardiff Gerhardt — N/A

Jeremy A. Graves — R

Susan Martinez (I) — D

Assembly District 14

Maggie Carlton (I) — D

Robert Wayerski — R

Assembly District 15

Stan Vaughan — R

Howard Watts (I) — D

Assembly District 16

Cecelia Gonzalez — D

Reyna “Alex” Sajdak — R

Assembly District 17

Jack Polcyn — R

Clara “Claire” Thomas — D

Assembly District 18

Venicia Considine — D

Heather Ann Florian — R

Assembly District 21

Cherlyn Arrington — R

Elaine Marzola — D

Assembly District 23

Brent Foutz — D

Bill Hoge — IA

Glen Leavitt (I) — R

Assembly District 28

Natasha Bousley — L

Edgar Flores (I) — D

Assembly District 29

Lesley Elizabeth Cohen (I) — D

Steven E. DeLisle — R

Assembly District 34

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod (I) — D

Jay Thomas Carlson — R

Assembly District 35

Jay Calhoun — R

Michelle Gorelow (I) — D

Assembly District 37

Shea Backus (I) — D

Andy Matthews — R

Assembly District 41

Victoria K. DaCosta — IA

Sandra Jauregui (I) — D

Erika Smith — R

Assembly District 42

Alexander Assefa (I) — D

Liz DelSignore — L

Sayed “SM” Zaidi — N/A


Nevada Board of Regents

Note: Here are the Sun's endorsements for the Board of Regents

District 2

Lois Tarkanian

Bret Whipple

The Sun offers no recommendation in this district. The voters will be well-served by either candidate.

District 3

Byron Brooks

Swadeep Nigam

District 5

Patrick Boylan

Nick “Doc” Spirtos

The Sun urges voters not to choose either of these candidates. This is a perfect example of why voters need to vote for Question 1, to make sure only qualified candidates are selected to serve in this important capacity.

State Board of Education

Note: The Sun will publish an expanded version of its endorsements for the Board of Education on Oct. 6.

District 1

Angelo Casino

Tim Hughes

District 4

Rene Cantu

Mark Newburn (I)


County Commission

Note: Here are the Sun's endorsements for the county commission.

District A

Michael Naft (I) — D

Michael Thomas — R

District B

Marilyn Kirkpatrick (I) — D

Warren R. Markowitz — IA

Kevin M. Williams — R

District C

Stavros Anthony — R

Ross Miller — D

District D

William McCurdy II — D

David L. Washington — No party

Clark County School District

Note: The Sun will publish an expanded version of its endorsements for the school board on Oct. 6.

District A

Lisa Guzman

Liberty Leavitt

The Sun is endorsing both candidates

District B

Jeff Proffitt

Katie Williams

District C

Evelyn Garcia Morales

Tameka Henry

District E

Lola Brooks (I)

Alexis Salt


State Level

Note: Here are the Sun's endorsements for the judicial races. Please also note that on state-level judicial races, voters have an option to select none of the candidates.

Supreme Court Justice D

Ozzie Fumo

Douglas Herndon

None of these candidates

The Sun is endorsing both candidates.

Court of Appeals Judge 3

Bonnie Bulla (I)

Susan Bush

None of these candidates

District court

Department 1

Jacob Villani

Bita “Marie” Yeager

The Sun is endorsing both candidates.

Department 2

Carli Lynn Kierny

Richard Scotti (I)

Department 3

Adam Ganz

Monica Trujillo

Department 4

Phil Aurbach

Nadia Krall

Department 5

Veronica Barisich

Terry Coffing

Department 6

Jacqueline Bluth (I)

Todd M. Leventhal

Department 8

Trevor Atkin (I)

Jessica K. Peterson

Department 17

Anna Albertson

Michael Villani (I)

Department 18

Mary Kay Holthus (I)

John A. Hunt

Department 19

Crystal Eller

William “Bill” Kephart (I)

Department 20

Dawn Allysa Hooker

Eric Johnson (I)

Department 21

Tara Clark Newberry

Jacob Reynolds

Department 22

Susan Holland Johnson (I)

Ben Nadig

Department 23

Karl W. Armstrong

Jasmin Lilly-Spells

Department 24

Erika D. Ballou

Dan Gilliam

Department 29

David M. Jones (I)

David Lopez-Negrete

Department 31

Gary W. Call

Joanna S. Kishner (I)

Department 32

Rob Bare (I)

Christy Craig

Family court

Division E

Charles J. “Chuck” Hoskin (I)

Thomas G. Kurtz

Division G

Benjamin Boone Childs Sr.

Rhonda K. Forsberg (I)

Division I

Soonhee “Sunny” Bailey

Michelle O. Tobler

The Sun is endorsing both candidates.

Division J

Dedree “Dee” Butler

Scott MacDonald

Division M

Lynn Hughes

Amy M. Mastin

Division P

Sara Dayani

Mary Perry

Division T

Nadin Cutter

Jason Stoffel

The Sun is endorsing both candidates

Division U

Bill Gonzalez

Dawn Throne

The Sun is endorsing both candidates.

Division W

Adriana Rincon White

Stacy Michelle Rocheleau

Division X

Heidi Almase

Jim Davis

Division Z

Michele “Shell” Mercer

Romeo Perez

Justice of the peace

Las Vegas 12

Shanon Clowers-Sanborn

Diana L. Sullivan (I)

North Las Vegas 3

Belinda T. “BTH” Harris

Chris Lee (I)