Ghost guns are for criminals

I recently became curious about the so-called “ghost gun” bill before the Nevada legislature. What the heck is a ghost gun? I quickly found out; it is a gun that can be assembled without serial numbers.

Why would anyone need a gun without serial numbers? The idea reminded me of gangster/mob movies in which a gunman wants a gun with filed-down serial numbers to commit a crime. I cannot think of any legitimate use for an untraceable gun. Ghost guns are a gift for criminals.

This led me to read Assembly Bill 286. There are two parts: 1) making it illegal to manufacture gun parts for private assembly without a serial number on the parts; and 2) allowing commercial property owners to designate that guns are prohibited on the premise. The first part is a law enforcement aid to catch criminals. The other is a property rights issue.

Why should the government intrude into a business or commercial property owner’s rights to make their premises safe for their customers and employees? This right should not be overridden by “open carry” laws. As a gun owner, I believe one person’s rights end when they interfere with another’s rights.

Obviously, I find the legislation acceptable.