Republicans are not leading

On Feb. 19, Evan Smith, CEO and editor in chief of the Texas Tribune, addressed Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’s decision to travel to Cancún to avoid freezing temperatures while his constituents froze to death, stating that “leaders are required to lead.”

This speaks volumes about the colossal failure of the Republican Party, the majority of which in Congress refuse to lead by doing the right thing. Instead they continue to support former President Donald Trump, who fiddled as Rome burned by playing golf every weekend while more than 440,000 people died under his watch during the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, they voted to acquit Trump in his second impeachment trial, even though the evidence was overwhelming that Trump incited an insurrection that resulted in multiple deaths and serious bodily injury. Remember, it was Cruz — whose duty was to sit as an impartial juror in the impeachment trial — who conferred with and assisted Trump’s legal counsel.

So what was Cruz’s excuse for leaving town while Texas froze over? He blamed it on his children although, in fact, it was because of a sweetheart deal offered by a Ritz Carlton Hotel in Cancún.

The majority of congressional Republicans don’t lead, they follow, and follow only their own personal interests while their constituents suffer. Vote them out.