Clean energy safeguards state

Las Vegas is the celebrated hospitality hub of America. Safeguarding it as a hospitable home for our residents is the challenge for lawmakers in Carson City.

Nevada tops the charts with the nation’s fastest-warming cities, Reno and Las Vegas. With our 81st legislative session underway, Nevada’s elected officials are crafting climate bills aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and curbing rising temperatures.

State Sen. Chris Brooks recommends an omnibus bill that addresses Nevada’s worst-polluting sectors, energy and transportation. The bill promotes rooftop solar opportunities for multifamily housing. It benefits urban communities with the highest temperatures and poorest air quality. His bill advances legislation for an equitable renewable energy grid, and expedites funding for solar, wind and geothermal. It incentivizes investments in electric cars, trucks and public transportation, and prioritizes statewide expansion of electric vehicle charging stations.

After decades of rising rates of respiratory illnesses, transitioning to renewable energy will reduce health risks associated with indoor air pollution from natural methane gas. Dylan Sullivan, a senior scientist for the Natural Resources Defense Council, advocates for legislation to retrofit homes with clean and efficient electric technologies like heat pumps and induction cook tops.

State Sen. Nicole Cannizzaro argues that prioritizing climate legislation will stabilize our economy and generate new jobs and tax revenues. To remain a hospitable place in the future, Nevadans must call for legislators to support renewable energy, decarbonize our infrastructure, and ensure clean upgrades for vulnerable populations.