Rioters have been duped

There have been innumerable apologists for President Donald Trump’s efforts to contest the election results because of alleged voter fraud resulting in his bitter defeat.

Over the past two months, court decisions from lower state courts to the Supreme Court have rejected dozens of unworthy, incoherent and meritless motions. Yet these decisions were ignored, as deep state conspiracy theorists, baldfaced liars, epic distortionists and sophomoric nonsense peddlers galvanized an ever-growing echo chamber of outrage transmitted by the president, his sycophantic enablers and right-wing fringe groups. Piling on this putrefied mudslide were broadcast news outlets, conservative radio hosts and social media platforms all fomenting this cavalcade of sedition.

On cue, the believers assembled to witness their blusterous leader pronounce that he would be “right with them” as they marched to the Capitol to take back their country with strength.

After the carnage and murder, he spewed that “things happen when our sacred landslide victory is stripped away.”Guess what, believers: You were played. Your great leader pushed all your victim buttons to do his narcissistic bidding and then slipped away into the cozy comfort of his praetorian protection.

Now, the huckstered hundreds who desecrated the halls of our citadel of democracy will be found, arrested, tried and jailed. Did you really think you were part of some great movement that would change the results of America’s will? Here is the reality: Your great leader is the fraud, and you are his foil.