Let Biden bring nation together

I am so sick of hearing Republican legislators bashing the Biden administration for divisiveness of any kind.

The Divider In Chief, who left the White House in disgrace following an insurrection of his supporters, is the person who delivered the United States to the position we are in.

The polarizing divide in the country will stand until Republicans grow a spine and reject Donald Trump, his sycophantic followers and his family, and call them out for what they really are — grifters of the first magnitude.

Trump played a huge joke on the country, and half of the population bought into it. It is a terrifying thought that this one man could destroy democracy as we know it.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has shown leadership. There is a lot less angst in the news and no one cares about Twitter anymore.

Biden, two former presidents and their wives commemorated the 9/11 anniversary but where was Trump? Calling a fight with his hapless sidekick. That alone should tell you what his priorities are.

Stop the Steal and all that goes along with it is old news. No one but Trump supporters believes the election was stolen. Look at the lawsuits that were filed and rejected. Look at the people losing their law licenses over filing those suits.

Wake up, America. We had disagreements as a nation before Trump, but after Trump, we barely have a nation. It’s time to move on. Biden is president. Trump is a wannabe irrelevant loser.