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Bio: Justin Bowen got into photography because he says he wasn’t good at anything else, but he mainly credits Alaska, with a little bit of New Zealand, for his interest in the subject.

He took a photography class in high school and in the middle of the semester transferred to a physical education class. Then it was north to Alaska, where he spent two years on an LDS service mission. The people he met and the things he saw didn’t translate well on a small point-and-shoot camera. Shortly after he returned from Alaska, Justin headed to New Zealand to hitchhike the country. He lost the camera, but returned home and bought a $100 plastic Minolta SLR. His life as a photographer began. After a camera upgrade, Justin learned he liked to photograph people, so he enrolled at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, Calif.

Justin traveled to Costa Rica, Panama, India, France, Honduras and Guatemala while putting his camera to work. He has been in Las Vegas for two years, and has since traveled to Haiti, photographing a group of doctors and interpreters helping people in the earthquake-stricken country.

When not shooting photography, Justin can usually be found with his wife and three children.

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