Stories by Yvonne Gonzalez

Michelle Obama urges crowd to vote at Las Vegas rally
September 23, 2018

Trump meets with supporters, visits VA in North Las Vegas
September 21, 2018

At packed Las Vegas rally, Trump implores voters to elect Nevada Republicans
September 21, 2018

Groups rally against Trump day before presidential visit
September 19, 2018

Both sides of busting Nevada’s energy monopoly emphasize consumer protection
September 17, 2018

Nevada Libertarians look to influence the conversation beyond size of their party
September 17, 2018

The Las Vegas Philharmonic mixes it up for the start of its 20th season
September 13, 2018

Legal abortion, Yucca Mountain among concerns about Kavanaugh
September 12, 2018

Q+A: Historian expounds on political predictions in latest book edition
September 10, 2018

Pence stands alongside Heller, Laxalt during Las Vegas visit
September 7, 2018

Experts weigh possibility of nuclear energy bill movement in ‘lame duck’ Congress
September 5, 2018

New registered Democrats widen party’s voter advantage over GOP in Nevada
September 4, 2018

Energy industry experts gather in Nevada for annual summit on nuclear waste
September 4, 2018

State files legal challenge against nuclear regulatory commissioner
September 4, 2018

Health exchange head says Heller bill gives illusion of protecting pre-existing conditions
August 30, 2018

Q+A: Expert discusses Basque history, culture in Nevada
August 25, 2018

Cortez Masto discusses Kavanaugh, hush money and election security during Nellis visit
August 24, 2018

Speaker Paul Ryan appears with GOP House candidate in tight race
August 22, 2018

Groups plan push to register young Nevada voters with start of school
August 20, 2018

Nevada bolstering resources for renewed Yucca fight
August 16, 2018

State OKs contract to move off federal health insurance exchange platform
August 14, 2018

Nevada joins first federal-local elections security exercise
August 14, 2018

Q+A: New CCSD superintendent prioritizes curriculum, funding for his first year
August 13, 2018

Nevada schools continue to rate poorly, but officials aren't standing still
August 12, 2018

2016 effort ranks Nevada fifth nationally in running elections
August 9, 2018

Rosen meets patients with pre-existing conditions as GOP seeks to gut Obamacare
August 3, 2018

Democrats widen voter registration advantage for 4th straight month
August 1, 2018

State improving safeguards, training after double-voting cases
July 31, 2018

Manufacturing sector growing as Nevada diversifies beyond tourism
July 31, 2018

Father reunited with 5-year-old after separation at border
July 27, 2018

Government missing deadlines in family reunification case
July 26, 2018

Analysis finds uptick in younger voter registrations after Parkland massacre
July 26, 2018

Heller: Nevada held detainees under zero-tolerance policy
July 25, 2018

Nevada seeks to maintain soon-to-end substance abuse prevention funds
July 23, 2018

Nevada tightens election security in years after targeting of 2016 Democratic data
July 20, 2018

Ballot measure to restructure energy market spells uncertainty, report says
July 19, 2018

Report: States should be cautious as they look to sin taxes for revenue
July 19, 2018

Most in Nevada’s congressional delegation disagree with Trump on election probe
July 17, 2018

White House nominates Nevada U.S. attorney
July 13, 2018

Longtime Yucca Mountain supporter eyes site as funding fight simmers
July 9, 2018

Laxalt’s office reviewing family separations lawsuit
July 4, 2018

Nevada voter registration climbs as Democrats widen lead slightly
July 3, 2018

Lawmakers prepare renewable energy goals for 2019 session
June 27, 2018

State Democrats meet in Reno while Trump rallies with GOP
June 23, 2018

Nevada delegation split on party lines on House immigration bill
June 21, 2018

Senate candidates back competing measures on immigrant family separation
June 20, 2018

County’s public lands wish list to Congress draws ire of recreation groups
June 20, 2018

Growing number of Nevada voters eschews 2-party system
June 15, 2018

Nevada primary voting up slightly from the 2014 midterm
June 14, 2018

Laxalt, Sisolak pick up party nods for gubernatorial race
June 13, 2018

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