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Skye Dee Miles performs at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan.

Wed, Jul 8, 2020 (2 a.m.)

Sun on the Strip

Skye Dee Miles

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Brock speaks with Rose. Rabbit. Lie. singer Skye Dee Miles.

Stylish singer Skye Dee Miles is accustomed to making adjustments onstage, interacting with her audience and improvising when necessary. But performing while wearing a mask was a different twist.

“It’s definitely not like changing a song at the last minute,” she says on the latest episode of the Sun on the Strip podcast. “We all like to be challenged, especially performers, but this is a little different. But [coming] out of something I didn’t want to do, you end up finding a whole new routine.”

Miles returned to live performance recently and her regular gig as part of a varied cast of musicians and entertainers at the Cosmopolitan’s Rose. Rabbit. Lie., a “modern supper club” currently open for dinner and fun Thursday through Sunday. Singing through a mask is just one of the challenges that came with the comeback, but the Missouri native and veteran of musical revues like “Beach Blanket Babylon” and “Menopause the Musical” said the adrenaline and excitement from getting back onstage after a monthslong absence helped quite a bit.

Since it’s a restaurant offering live entertainment, RRL was able to return to duty before traditional casino showrooms and theaters. But adding food and drink doesn’t take away from the experience at this trend-setting venue.

“There’s a special thing about being able to connect with people as a performer. People come to Vegas because they want an experience, and that’s the one thing I think Rose. Rabbit. Lie. really brought to the Strip,” Miles said. “It’s the intimacy. Even though we’re not able to walk around [in the audience] as much as we were a few months ago, there’s still a way to connect in how we deliver the songs. That’s the thing I love most about it, the intimacy. It’s not [about] the numbers, it’s about the performance and the emotion.”

Delivering memorable, emotional performances is Miles’ signature move. After breaking through in “Menopause” when it was running at the Las Vegas Hilton (now Westgate), she moved on to different shows at the Tropicana, Planet Hollywood and Mandalay Bay, some of which she developed, like the burlesque-tinged “Boom Boom Room” at the Trop. After six years at RRL, she’s not looking to leave anytime soon, but the eventual goal is to produce her own production in Las Vegas.

“It’s my favorite thing. Through the years I’ve been able to put different shows together and I love every part of being able to be myself and add different elements of what I want to say,” she said. “And it’s empowering. We don’t see a lot of women producing their own shows and we don’t have very many women on the Strip at all in lead performing [roles], let alone producing.”

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